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The Gordon Setter Rescue is run independently by WAGGNBONE.CO.UK. The dogs available for adoption through rescue come from several different sources, some are turned over to our rescue program because of a change in family circumstances, or because the owners were not prepared for the energy level of a young Gordon.

The rescue dogs and potential owners are carefully evaluated to insure the best possible placement for each dog. The ages of the dogs usually range from 8 months – 10 yearsIf you’re interested in adopting a rescued Gordon, contact us

The Gordon Setters Personality Traits, Gordons were initially bred as bird dogs, for hunting birds like pheasant and quail. Although the hunting instinct remains strong in the breed, Gordons are equally at home as companion dogs, obedience and agility competitors, and show dogs.

Gordon Setters are alert and lively, pleasant and exceedingly loyal. They tend to be devoted to members of their household, Children and Gordon Setters are a good combination, Gordons tend to show strong protective instincts to their young pack members.

Gordons are highly intelligent dogs with basic obedience training your Gordon will be a better companion. Gordons need plenty of daily exercise to maintain peak physical and mental condition, and a safe fenced area in which to run and play.