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What’s your dog doing all day? In most cases the answer is saving all their energy for you when you get home! They have spent all day waiting for you to return and once you arrive, they’re ready to play! Even those who aren’t bursting with energy can become bored and lonely when left alone all day.

Dog Day care is the answer. Drop your dog off at Waggnbone and he’ll spend his day socialising with other dogs, interacting with trained staff and burning off energy. At the end of the day, you will pick up a happy and tired dog.
Some dogs visit every day: others just a couple of times a month. Every dog is unique and we’re happy to discuss the best play schedule to suit your dog’s needs, as well as your busy schedule, budget and life-style.


For the bundles of energy known as puppies, at Waggnbone they learn social skills with a variety of other dogs that will help them grow into well adjusted adult dogs. From their peers they learn the appropriate way to greet, initiate play and ‘proper doggie manners’ such as when another dog would like to be play or prefers to be left alone.

The mental stimulation provided by the day-care is also a wonderful way to curb the natural puppy curiosity, the type that leads from an interesting shoe to becoming a chew toy.

Adolescent Dog’s:

parents of adolescent dogs find daycare gives them a welcome outlet for excess enthusiasm. This energy can be the cause of common behavioural issues like barking, jumping, chewing, digging and even separation anxiety. Without a positive way to express that energy, some dogs release it through these destructive actions.

Senior Dogs:

Senior dogs are always welcome at the Waggnbone daycare: we simply cannot resist a dog with a little gray around the muzzle.

As a dog ages, activity and exercise become less of a focus. Just like humans, this can lead to an unhealthy weight and adverse health effects. Carrying this extra weight places additional stress on the dogs heart and may also lead to joint and hip pain. Not only is getting up and moving around good for older dogs it keeps them young, but they also enjoy the companionship of their fellow canines and our staff.  The extent of play by senior dogs is monitored to avoid overexertion. A nap-time each day offers a sufficient rest period.

Say goodbye to ‘home alone’ for your dogs!